Youth Sports Performance Training in DC

During childhood and adolescence, young athletes experience a number of changes. Many important decisions about their long-term athletic development must be made during this time period. Proper youth sports performance training should be considered, as it provides a stable foundation for a lifetime of movement.

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One-On-One Personal Youth Training

Duration: 30 Minutes or 55 Minutes

Have your child work one-on-one with an Atlas Fitness personal trainer. They’kk receive individual tailored workouts, personal attention focused on ensuring proper technique and reduced risk of injury, and the coaching support necessary to achieve their goals.

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Proper Training Encourages Optimal Development

Playing sports puts a lot of strain on a young athlete’s body. Without adequate training, young athletes are more likely to experience overuse injuries, overtraining and burnout. It is extremely important, especially at a young age, that an athlete’s body is well equipped to handle the stress that multiple sports, multiple teams and multiple skill lessons demand of it.

Success can be achieved from early and consistent training. A well-planned training, competition, and recovery schedule ensures optimal development throughout a young athlete’s career. Long-term athletic development (LTAD) suggests the implementation of a plan to meet the individual needs of each young athlete as they develop.

Until boys reach the age of 16 to 18 and girls the age of 15 to 17, focus should be on the development of both technical and tactical skills, as well as fitness improvements through non-sport specific training. Sport performance training should be aimed toward optimizing fitness preparation, sport/event specific skills and performance through a structured exercise program. Atlas Fitness trainers will create a custom fitness program for your young athlete that ensures long term strength and success.

Young Athletes Are More Prone to Injury

When young people participate in multiple sports, during the off season they should be able to rest certain muscle groups while building on others. However, many young athletes are encouraged to focus on only one sport year round. This does nothing to improve performance, and it actually increases the chance of injury.

A whopping 50% of all sports injuries are caused by overuse. Overuse injuries are defined by micro-traumatic damage to the bone, muscle or tendon due to repetitive stress without an adequate amount of reparative or recovery time.

Strength and conditioning training not only makes an athlete more powerful, it also teaches them how to properly absorb force. The body’s ability to move various joints fluently and painlessly through varying degrees of motion is critical if you wish to decrease the chance of injury.

Quality Youth Sport Performance Training in Washington DC

Atlas Fitness strives to enrich the lives of individuals of all ages in the Washington DC area. Our youth sports performance training is specially designed to help athletes excel in a variety of sports, while reducing the incidence of injury.

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