Athletic Training: Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

A gait analysis, or evaluation, is used to screen for any biomechanical issues during running or walking. Athletes prone to ‘shin splints’, knee pain, IT Band/hip issues or low back pain during running may benefit from this evaluation. Conversely, athletes looking to increase their pace or mileage may also obtain useful information to give them a more competitive edge.

This analysis includes:

  •  Frame by frame capture to track landmarks during motion
  • Orthopedic/musculoskeletal assessment
  • Functional movement assessment
  •  Foot and arch assessment for shoe or orthotic recommendation
  • Corrective exercise recommendations

These assessments combine to allow us to determine areas which may benefit from corrective exercise or improvement.


Personalized Athletic Training Session

Duration: 60 Minutes

Gait analysis is conducted as part of our personalized Athletic Training Sessions where Atlas Certified Athletic Trainer focus on developing strength, endurance, flexibility and / or mobility needed to accelerate your fitness. Can be customized to replace a workout if the client is experiencing pain or disability. Session may include injury prevention screening, orthopedic assessment, therapeutic exercise, manual therapy or biomechanics analysis of movement patterns.


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