Athletic Training: Cryotherapy/Compression Therapy

Cryotherapy, or “cold” therapy, is the practice of using low temperatures to help the body heal and reduce pain. Historically, the belief is that by introducing cold temperatures to the injured area will reduce the metabolic processes that cause cell death.

However, more recent studies have shown that the therapeutic effects of cold application comes from the body’s response to the stimulus. The bodies nervous and circulatory systems receive the external stimulation and create a positive response in an attempt to clear out any leftover inflammation or toxins in that area of the body.

The benefits of cryotherapy and compression therapy include:

  • Decrease pain and swelling
  • Prevent muscle soreness post exercise
  • Increase circulation
  • Increase bodily response to recovery

These assessments combine to allow us to determine areas which may benefit from corrective exercise or improvement.

At Atlas, we utilize the GameReady MedElite unit to provide cryotherapy and compression to various body areas. This modality allows us to target problem areas and providing a more comfortable recovery experience.

Personalized Athletic Training Session

Duration: 60 Minutes

Cryotherapy / Compression can be conducted as part of your personalized Athletic Training Session where your Atlas Certified Athletic Trainer will focus on developing strength, endurance, flexibility and / or mobility needed to accelerate your fitness. Can be customized to replace a workout if the client is experiencing pain or disability. Session may include injury prevention screening, orthopedic assessment, therapeutic exercise, manual therapy or biomechanics analysis of movement patterns.


Manual Therapy

Duration: 30 Minutes

Manual therapy is a hands-on approach to loosen up muscles or joints which can help establish mobility and function to gain the most from your workout. Intended for individuals that do need guided exercise prescription or who just want a quick tune up before a training session. This treatment would be most effective when utilized prior to a class or workout.


Game Ready Session

Twenty Minute Hot and / or Cold Therapy Session on our Game Ready Cryotherapy and Compression system. Heal faster, recover better, and enjoy more effective pain relief after an injury or surgery.


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