New Atlas Group X Schedule to Launch March 13th!

Attention Atlas Family:

New Group X Schedule to Launch March 13th!

Changes to the Group X class schedule will begin March 13th.
Here is what you should know:
  • New Atlas Cardio Jam class on Wednesday evenings with David Cherry!
    Atlas Cardio Jam is a cardio dance class like no other! This class is designed to get you up and moving to your favorite songs while incorporating easy to remember steps that can go from the gym studio straight to the club! If you’re not seeing results from typical dance fitness classes, this cardio jam might just do the trick! Heart pumping, calorie burning, booty shaking moves combined with toning exercises to the hottest hip hop, Baltimore house/club, reggae, and more!
  • More Classes! On most days, you will now have two 6am and 7pm class options to choose from in the morning and evening in addition to 6pm classes as well!
  • Smaller class sizes! All classes except Yoga and Atlas Cardio Jam will be maxed out at 8 participants. This means more one-on-one attention from the trainer to ensure you are motivated and are executing correct form. This also means classes will fill up quicker so make sure you sign up early!
  • Finally, and most importantly, we have programmed each class to a new A, B and C schedule to ensure you get the most balanced workouts each week! All of our core classes are labeled with an A, B, and C workout. Each workout compliments the others, and allows for full body, balanced workout even during a busy week. Workouts A and B complement each other to make sure you hit the agonist and antagonist muscle groups, and workout C encompasses components from both A and B. If you have some freedom during the week then you can hit A and B, and even C to finish off the week strong. If you have a busy week and can only get to one workout then C will give you the complete package to keep you fit, healthy, and balanced.
Group X Vision
We design new class programs with the goal of providing participants with a full spectrum of fitness in a sustainable weekly, monthly, and quarterly plan that allows for continual improvement and adaptation.  Certain classes emphasize muscular strength and power, while others focus on cardiovascular strength and muscular endurance, balance and core stability. All classes will demand your will and determination. With this schedule, clients can attend classes 6 days a week without risk of over-training and injury, or pick and choose your favorite classes to attend. For best results, we recommend you attend as many classes a week as your body allows.
Please contact with any questions and we hope to see you soon!

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