New Atlas Group X Schedule to Launch March 13th!

Attention Atlas Family:

New Group X Schedule to Launch March 13th!

Changes to the Group X class schedule will begin March 13th.
Here is what you should know:
  • New Atlas Cardio Jam class on Wednesday evenings with David Cherry!
    Atlas Cardio Jam is a cardio dance class like no other! This class is designed to get you up and moving to your favorite songs while incorporating easy to remember steps that can go from the gym studio straight to the club! If you’re not seeing results from typical dance fitness classes, this cardio jam might just do the trick! Heart pumping, calorie burning, booty shaking moves combined with toning exercises to the hottest hip hop, Baltimore house/club, reggae, and more!
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Washington DC Fitness Center Atlas DC to Sponsor 60-Day Weight Loss Challenge

Washington, DC — December 11, 2016

Atlas Fitness calls on one and all to kick off the New Year on a foot that is healthy and fit. This fitness destination in SE Washington DC is excited to launch an exclusive 60-Day Weight Loss Challenge designed to inspire Washingtonians to lose, lose, lose — body fat, that is. The program will begin January 1, 2017 and will be closely monitored by a certified personal trainer and nutritionist to ensure the highest health and safety standards.

To participate in the 60-Day Weight Loss Challenge, an individual must:

• Purchase a Wellness Package from Atlas Fitness by January 1.
• Schedule and attend weekly weigh-ins
• Affirm an intention to never cheat or conduct unhealthy weight loss techniques, including but not limited to starvation, dehydration, the use of weight loss supplements, or crash dieting.

The male and female participants who each lose the most body fat in 60 days will be awarded 10 one-hour Personal Training sessions. Second and third place winners in each category will receive a 10 thirty-minute Personal Training sessions and 10 Group X classes, respectively.

For more information, or to register for the 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge at Atlas Fitness, contact or visit

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Atlas Fitness to Host Powerlifting Workshop with Expert Personal Training Educator Tim Henriques on Saturday, December 3


Washington is invited out to Atlas Fitness on Saturday, December 3 for a powerlifting workshop with Tim Henriques. The workshop will focus on leading programming methodologies and how they apply to everyday clients and sport. Attendees will benefit from a demonstration of the major strength lifts; the proper techniques for each; a few heavy weight sets; and a personal critique session supervised by Tim.

Tim Henriques is the Director of the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI), an intensive training program for individuals in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia who seek to become personal trainers. Additionally, Tim is the author of All About Powerlifting, a leading title on strength training and powerlifting.

This strength workshop will take place on Saturday, December 3 from 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. at Atlas Fitness (920 11th St SE, Washington, DC 20003). The cost to attend is $125. All participants will receive a t-shirt and a copy of the book.

For more information, or to register for the powerlifting workshop at Atlas Fitness, contact team(at)atlasfitnessdc(dot)com or visit

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Atlas Fitness Partners with DC Triathlon Club

Atlas Fitness is excited to announce a partnership with DC Triathlon Club. Atlas Fitness Owner, Tim Bruffy, and President of DC Triathlon Club, Meaghan Jennison, formed this partnership to integrate their brands and provide a more holistic training approach for their members.

“We know that this new partnership will pay great dividends to all the members of the DC Triathlon Club,” says Jennison. “Strength training is an often overlooked aspect of training for most triathletes. The knowledge and experience that Tim and his team offer will really help round out the training of our athletes and make them stronger, faster, and more balanced overall.” (more…)

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Atlas supports Show Up, Stand Out youth program

Atlas Fitness has been awarded a $145,000 grant from the District of Columbia Justice Grants Administrations to support truancy reduction in DCPS. Over the 2014 – 2015 school year, Atlas will provide fitness coaching to students in 11 DCPS middle schools. Programming will be based around skillful movement patterns that will directly translate into successful opportunities participating in lifetime activities, recreation and sport. This will be delivered through a series of exercises and drills that will enhance a students’ overall coordination, proprioception, body awareness, balance, strength, flexibility, and body composition. In addition to the more measurable physical adaptations, there are many, although less easily testable, mental, emotional, and hormonal benefits from taking on such an exercise program.


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You’re Invited: Atlas Fitness Open House

Open House on April 4th from 4 to 8 p.m.! Come see the new, light-filled expanded space and additional group fitness offerings including TRX, BOSU, unique hybrid yoga and traditional yoga flow classes.


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DC FIT CRASHER Crashes Atlas Fitness Bootcamp

Popular fitness blogger, DC Fit Crasher, crashed the Atlas Fitness bootcamp on 7 Dec 2013. She writes:

“Atlas Fitness offers a bootcamp class that is unlike any other I’ve been to before. First, the equipment and facility are enough to make any hardcore fitness junkie drool. Monster tires. Atlas stones. Bike trainers. Weighted sleds. Heavy ropes. Sandbags. Kettlebells. Boxing bags. TRX. All immaculately curated and displayed in this Capitol Hill shrine to sweat. Considering how much I love creating my own workouts with any equipment I can get my hands on, I felt as though I had died and gone to fit crasher heaven. The second reason why this bootcamp stands out is the workout itself. It’s creative (read: more than the usual burpees)–which makes it more fun, in my book–and challenging for any fitness ability.”

Read the rest of the post here.

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Atlas Fitness Owner Tim Bruffy Featured on BlogTalkRadio Show, At Home with Victoria Gaither

Atlas Fitness owner Tim Bruffy featured on BlogTalkRadio show, At Home with Victoria Gaither. Listen here.

Atlas Fitness is a premiere personal training and fitness facility that includes some of the best fitness coaches and trainers in the Washington, D.C. area. Our central goal is to provide personalized training experiences tailored to individual clients. You’ll receive comprehensive training composed of core fitness principles as well as creative and challenging exercises with special care paid toward preventing injury, all in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Originally posted 15 May 2013

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