Group Training Class Schedule

All of our core classes are labeled with an A, B, and C workout. Each workout complements the others, and allows for full body, balanced workout even during a busy week. Workouts A and B complement each other to make sure you hit the agonist and antagonist muscle groups, and workout C encompasses components from both A and B. If you have some freedom during the week then you can hit A and B, and even C to finish off the week strong. If you have a busy week and can only get to one workout then C will give you the complete package to keep you fit, healthy, and balanced.


Please arrive 10 minutes early for your class. If you arrive late, you may not be admitted and your spot may be given to someone else. If you cannot attend a class that you have reserved a spot for, please cancel your reservation at least 12 hours before that class to avoid being charged for the class and to allow those on the waitlist to participate.

Red = Open ClassRedOpen Class
Light Gray = Class FilledLight GrayFilled Class
Dark Gray = Class CancelledDark GrayCancelled Class
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